News, Events, Outreach

News, Events, Outreach

New PhD course in MEDICAL GEOBIOLOGY: Evolutionary processes affecting health


19-23 August 2024 at the University of Copenhagen

Medical Geobiology examines the evolutionary interplay between life forms, their environments, and the pressures that shape them both. It integrates principles from medical microbiology, evolutionary biology, biophysics, tumor biology, and geology, crafting a holistic view of health that transcends the boundaries traditionally set by these areas. This approach not only helps us understand present conditions but also, crucially, allows us to predict future health scenarios. Our course, “Evolutionary Processes Affecting Health – Medical Geobiology,” is designed to train the next generation of scientists in these comprehensive, integrative techniques.

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Lab News!

Congratulation to Karla for her successful PhD defense! Thesis: An anthropogenic archive of plastic pollution in Greenland








Congratulations to Milena for her successful MSc defense! Thesis: Testing isotope proxies for the reconstruction of coral reef response to ancient climate

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Education Outreach…

Junior Geologerne

We were honored to contribute to this resource for educators in Denmark to strengthen their student´s knowledge of the geological sciences. Includes ready-to-go lectures, inspiration for field trips and short exercises, and inspiration to students interested in pursuing higher education in the geosciences. (Danish language)

Funded by Nordea Fonden. Project leader Camilla S. Andresen



In the News…

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