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News and Events

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20. Danske Havforskermøde 2019 (The 20th Danish Marine Researchers Meeting 2019)

Session: Mikroplastik i havet/Marine (micro)plastics Conveners: Thorbjørn Joest Andersen (IGN, KU), Nicole Posth (IGN, KU)

Plastic contamination of the marine environment has emerged as a major environmental issue. Here, we invite contributions on research focused on all aspects of the accumulation, transport, fate and toxicity of plastic from the macro to the nano scale. The session takes a broad approach and we are interested in developing discussion based on the breadth of research in this field in Denmark. Nonetheless, we particularly encourage contributions addressing the sources and sinks of marine plastic debris, impact and potential remediation methods, and the clear analytical challenges in field and laboratory approaches towards studying this issue. We encourage presentations in both English and Danish.

Early Bird: Nov 1, Deadline Nov 30

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