Lab members


Research Interests:

Biogeochemical cycling, geomicrobiology, (micro)plastics in the environment, cell-surface interactions, diagenetic processes, biogenic/abiogenic minerals, microbial physiology, historical microbiology proxies, isotope biogeochemistry


Marine Geoscience (Joint UCPH-AU, MSc-level NIGK15033U)
Introduction to Geomicrobiology (UCPH, MSc in Geology-Geoscience NIGK19001U)
Field and Methods Course (UCPH, MSc in Geography and Geoinformatics/Geology-Geoscience NIGK15006U/NIGK15007U)

Education and Research Experience:

2017 Assistant Professor/Villum Young Investigator – IGN-University of Copenhagen
2017 Assistant Professor/Villum Young Investigator – NordCEE-Biology-SDU
2016 Research funding advisor – SDU, Support Office, Science
2015 Maternity leave
2013 Marie Skłodowska‐Curie Fellow (IEF) – NordCEE-Biology-SDU
2011 DFG Postdoctoral Fellow, NordCEE-Dept of Biology-University of Southern  Denmark (SDU)
2009 Post-doctorate researcher, Center for Applied Geosciences, Tübingen, Germany
2010 Maternity leave
2009 Doctorate, Dr. rer. nat., Geomicrobiology, Center for Applied Geosciences (ZAG), University of Tübingen, Germany
2004 MSc, Applied Environmental Geosciences, Helmholtz Center for Health & the Environment/ZAG Tübingen
2001 Fulbright Teaching Scholar Austrian Fulbright Commission, Linz
2000 BSc, Tufts University,Massachusetts, USA

Nicole Posth CV_NPosth_March 2021

SASCHA MÜLLER – Senior Researcher

Current project: Investigating the fate and transport characteristics of Nanoplastic in groundwater aquifers

Education & Research Experience:

2018 Post doc Hydrogeology, Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen
2017 PhD. Hydrogeology, Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen
2013 MSc. Geography & Geoinformatic, Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen
2011 Research stay Groundwater-Surface water interaction, USGS Denver, Colorado
2009 BSc. Geography, Institute for Geography, University Leipzig


Research Interests:

Carbon cycling, radiocarbon, isotope geochemistry, effects of  unique carbon sources (ie oil or plastic) on marine carbon pools
Current project: Biological and mineralogical loading of (micro)plastics

Education and Research Experience:

2018 PhD, Chemical Oceanography, Dept of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science, Florida State University, USA
2017 NOSMAS Graduate Student Internship, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Woods Hole, MA, USA
2014 MSc, Chemical Oceanography, Dept of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science, Florida State University, USA
2012 BSc, Geology, Dept of Geological Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Kelsey L. Rogers CV as PDF


Research interests:
Anthropogenic changes on Arctic ecosystems, effects of marine pollution in ocean and land and the societal components, microplastics as a marker of the Anthropocene, building a record of microplastics on glacial ice and deep-sea sediments, exploring the degradation or preservation at the sink.
Current Project: RECORD An Anthropogenic Archive of Plastic Pollution in Greenland

Education and Research Experience:
2020 TALENT Marie Sklodowska-Curie PhD Fellow, Department of Geosciences & Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen.
2018 Graduate Research Student, Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Germany.
2016 MSc. Erasmus Mundus Joint Degree in Marine Environment & Resources, University of Southampton, University of the Basque Country & University of Liège.
2013 Undergraduate Visiting Student, University of Alberta, Canada
2011 BSc. Biology (Honours) Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico

Karla Parga Martínez CV as PDF

MAYA DODHIA – PhD Candidate

Research interests:

Effects of marine plastic pollution on the environment, its relation to climate change and the potential of naturally occuring organisms to utilise and degrade it.
Current Project: The biogeochemical fate of marine plastic in coastal hotspot environments

Education and Research Experience:

2020 Research assistant, IGN-UCPH/DHRTC, Reviving the Dead, Nanocatalytic microbial methanation of the North Sea abandoned oil
2020 MSc Climate Change, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 BSc Earth Science, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Maya Dodhia CV as PDF


ANNE THOISEN – Laboratory technician


METTE MÜLLER JENSEN – Laboratory technician


Thomas R. Neu – Dept of River Ecology, UFZ Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
Karina Krarup Sand – Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen
Elena Gorokhova – ACES, Stockholm University
Jakob Strand – Institute for Bioscience, Aarhus University
Serguei Chiriaev – Mads Clausen Institute, SDU NanoSYD
Thorbjørn Joest Andersen – Physical Geography, IGN-University of Copenhagen (UCPH)
Mikkel Fruergaard – Physical Geography, IGN-UCPH
Marianne Nylandsted Larsen – Human Geography, IGN-UCPH
Nynke Keulen– Petrology & Economic Geology, SEM lab (GEUS)
Hai Nhu Doan & Lam Nguyen Ngoc – Dept of Marine Plankton, Institute of Oceanography, Vietnam Academy of Science & Technology
Eva Arnspang Christensen & Martin A.B. Hedegaard – SDU Biotechnology