News, Events, Outreach

News, Events, Outreach

Education Outreach…

Junior Geologerne

We were honored to contribute to this resource for educators in Denmark to strengthen their student´s knowledge of the geological sciences. Includes ready-to-go lectures, inspiration for field trips and short exercises, and inspiration to students interested in pursuing higher education in the geosciences. (Danish language)

Funded by Nordea Fonden. Project leader Camilla S. Andresen


Science Quest – Elwood Public Library, New York (in English) 

Mr. Erik interviews Dr. Nicole Posth of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark about what it is like to be a Geomicrobiologist, her recent research and what a kid needs to do if they want to be a scientist.


In the News…

Biogeochemical cycling in the “Plastisphere”

La Presse: La vie dans la plastique marin, March 2022 (in French)

Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, Aug 2018 (in Danish) (in Danish)

TV2Fyn (in Danish)

Plastindustrien (in Danish)

Plastfokus (in Danish)

DR (in Danish)

Radio VLR (in Danish)

The microbial role in the deposition of Banded iron formations Das Wissensmagazin (in German)

Springer (in German)